30 day warrantyHaving processed thousands of websites over the years, our team has developed protocols that protects your website property from any further harm. Our crack malware removal team will make a copy of your website and move it to our development server. Once there, we have developed multiple scanners that can detect the intrusions, payloads and code changes that a hacker may have placed. Our team also reviews the site manually looking for any files that should either not exist, or have been altered by the hacker. Although automated malware removal programs may sound good, the fact is, the automated removal programs often remove vital core files that are needed for your website to function.  
Also, once a website is cleaned and restored, before we move it to your server, we ask you to review the site and make sure that it is functioning correctly. No one knows your website better than you and we need your written approval. The final step is to install the firewall to protect your website from any further intrusions. Make sure you read the conditions with all of the details as there are exceptions that you need to be aware of. 
Also note, that in 5% of malware attacks, website may be totally destroyed and beyond simply removing malware. If the database and files are actually gone ( this is rare), the website will need to be rebuilt from backups if they exist. In the case of a website being completely destroyed and beyond malware removal, we will quote to rebuild your website either from backups or scratch.