Your monthly or annual charge will appear on your Credit Card statement as Interwebshop Internet Business Services 


Offer and Billing Details: By entering your payment information and clicking “PAY NOW”, you are signing up for a Free Website Malware Removal plan. You agree that Free Website Malware Removal will charge the credit card you used today the monthly service fee for each month that you are part of the Free Website Malware Removal service, or the annual fee for each year that you are part of the Free Website Malware Removal service, unless you cancel your service. If you are not completely satisfied with your Free Website Malware Removal subscription and would like to cancel your service, you can do so as soon as your term is completed. You will no longer be billed for the service. The fee for malware removal is a one time charge. By making payment either online or by phone, the customer agrees to all the terms and conditions set forth on this website. In addition, by making payment, the customer hereby agrees to act in a respectful, non-threatening and professional manor at all times.


Refund Policy:  

Customer acknowledges that no security tool is 100% effective in preventing hackings and breaches and, as such, will not be refunded in the event of a hacking or breach. Sitesassure provides its services on a "BEST EFFORTS" basis. As Free Website Malware Removal is offering non-tangible irrevocable services in the form of the right to our time only, and as Free Website Malware Removal services are delivered on a ‘best efforts’ basis, refunds are not available. Also, customer agrees to NOT chargeback any and all fees paid. 

The firewall service plans include free malware removal up to 5 times per year as long as the client has an active subscription and as our work is warrantied, there are no refunds. 

Conditions: Customer agrees to grant and provide access credentials to Free Malware Removal need to perform the services. Assess includes
1) Full access the hosting account.
2) Full access to the hostimg companies support system
3) The admin login for the website
4) Access credentials to the control panel, whm, or any other means a hoster provides for file access
5) Access to phpmyadmin or other method for accessing and creating databases
6) Customer agrees to let free malware removal install a backup program on the website.
7) Access to customers google webmaster tools account.

Our customers are responsible for reading and understanding the refund policy and the conditions upon purchasing any and all services and products on the Free Website Malware Removal website.


Website Service Restrictions:
Free Website Malware Removal Services Are Not Available For the Following Site Types

  • Any copyrighted material, trademarks, or other proprietary information without obtaining the prior written consent of the owner of such proprietary rights; including, but not limited to, music, picture and video content.
  • Any material that is violent, threatening, abusive, sexually explicit, obscene, offensive, hateful, derogatory, defamatory, libelous or racially, ethnically or otherwise objectionable.
  • Any material that promotes an illegal activity.
  • Spam or junk mail or other material for a commercial purpose.
  • False or misleading material.
  • Any material that contains software viruses, bugs, worms or any other computer code, files or programs designed to interrupt, destroy or limit the functionality of any computer software or hardware or telecommunications equipment.


More Stuff to know

Repairing Hacked Websites are a daily occurrence for us. We get daily calls from frustrated, angry, and upset people who have had their website hacked, loaded with malware, and penalized on Google. We can help you, but it is not always the quick fix that your looking for. We can generally remove the contamination and get your site back online within 12 hours, and improve security within a few days. You, as the client, must agree to be professional at all times. We are doing our best for everyone and will do what it takes. We really do care!

A Google webmaster tools account is required for all websites, and it is the responsibility of the website owner to create one and get their website Google verified. It is needed to remove your Google malware warning. Once you have created your Google webmaster account, our team will need access to work with Google to remove any malware penalties and warnings. If you do not have a Google account and need our assistance to get one set up, the charge is an additional $250.00. If you have a Google account already, there is no charge to work with Google. We only configure what is needed for the malware warning review.

Removal of the Google malware warning and penalty is contingent on how fast Google reacts to the request for the site to be checked again. We cannot do anything to speed up the Google processes. We can only submit for a review and wait up to 72 hours for a response.

In the event your website cannot be cleaned, we do not offer a refund. If your website is absolutely destroyed, (our experience indicates this to be less than 5% of attacks) and you do not have backups, we will quote to rebuild from scratch and credit the $249.95 towards that rebuild quote. 

We manually check files and folders for attacks. The latest malware infections can masquerade as legitimate code which virus scanners cannot detect. The truth is we may not get it the first try. can take up to 5+ tries to finally get a website clean. We do not charge extra for this and it is part of the process. We clean the site, and if you purchase the firewall, we will secure it, and wait and see what happens. There is no magic here, just hard detective work.

We do not use automated malware removal tools as they have been known to delete not just the infections, but needed core website files leaving your website inoperable. By checking manually, we will not knowingly delete core files that are needed to make your website work correctly.

If the website is hacked bad enough, we will replace some core files with fresh copies. We need to know if your site is customized so we do not over write those customizations. In some situations, this may be necessary. By making payment you agree to indemnify us from any issues related to our attempts to clean your site or server. Indemnification includes damage to the site files/database, the website speed and any website downtime that may occur. Although we do our best to make backups, there are instances where the websites, files and database are so large that a backup is not possible.

If you purchase the firewall, we will clean your website up to 5 times for no further charge. After the 5th cleaning, we may suggest that you rebuild your website with new core files and the latest version of your cms. In very rare occasions, the source of the malware cannot be found and this is the only way to stop repeated malware infections. For this we will quote.

If you install a firewall on a website that has already been attacked once, the firewall should effectively prevent any new attacks, but your first attack can still be hidden in your site and cause the pre-existing hack to re-occur. It is not new, it was already existing.

Also, it may be needed to completely remove all old files, old folders, archives, and old website installations from your hosting space. We will need to know from you what we can delete. These are notorious entry points for hackers and must be removed for security.

When we have completed our malware removal tasks we will supply you with a list of additional steps you can take for website security. These are generic and may not directly apply to your website. If you need help implementing these additional steps, we will quote as needed.

The firewall files will be in 2 folders, Sadashboard and/or Sadashi_###. Do not remove these folders as your firewall will cease to operate. Also, there are 2 lines of code added to your index and configuration files. If you need to over write these files, let us know and we will replace the code for no charge. Our services here are for malware and security related work only. If you need other work performed, we would be happy to quote and provide our services on

You, the client, also agree to not work on your websites while we are performing our malware removal and security tasks. It could be up to a week or more that you will not be able to edit your sites. Also, approving your working on your websites signifies that we have completed our malware removal tasks. If you work on your websites either before or after our approval, that is work performed by you, not us, and you will be solely responsible. We can quote to help you should you have issues. We only perform work related to malware and security.

Malware removal does not include website, theme, template,content, component, module or plugin updates regardless of type of website builder. (html, joomla, wordpress, magento, etc). UPdating and upgrading websites will be by quote. Our intention is to just restore what you already had.

We may recommend that you sort your websites into seperate cpanels. This is complicated server work and is not included in our malware service. We will quote if you need our assistance for sorting shared hosting accounts into cpanel accounts.

The best defense for any website is:

1) Backup  backup  backup
2) Do not use a shared hosting account with sub-domains and /or add on domains. As all your websites share the same server space, if one site gets hacked, then the hack will cross contaminate the other sites. We recommend that you upgrade to a reseller's account. It is nominally a small upgrade, but all your websites can have there own cpanel, thus isolating and compartmentalizing them so if one site gets hacked, the others do not get cross contaminated.
3) Install a firewall BEFORE you make the website live and before it gets infected for the first time.  We have never seen a site get hacked when using our firewall before the site has been hacked.